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Make Your Food Truck Stand Out from the Crowd

Need to Attract More Customers? Have In Sight Sign Company Design & Install a Vehicle Wrap for Your Food Truck!

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Food Truck Vehicle Wrap Design

In Sight Sign Company is Chicago’s #1 provider for quality vehicle wraps. We’ve designed and installed hundreds of vehicle wraps and know how to attract potential customers with eye catching designs. Our expert installation service and high quality materials will make sure your food truck looks great and lasts a long time.

Visibility is Key

We know the food truck industry is very competitive. It’s very important that the presentation of your food truck has a high visibility in order to attract customers. Our vehicle wrap design expertise is sure to give you the advantage by making your food truck stand out from the competition and get those customers lining up!

Food Trucks Step 1

Step 1. We Take Photos and Detailed Measurements.

Food Trucks Step 2

Step 2. We Enter all Measurements and Create a Scaled Template to Design On.

Step 3. We Add in All Copy and Artwork and Design Your Custom Wrap.

Food Trucks Step 4

Step 4. We Print and Install. Completing the Process and It All Comes Together!

Food Trucks Step 5

Step 5. Another Branding Machine Hits the Road!

Food Truck Wrap Examples

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